Diwali Crackers Debate Turns Trending Subject After Chetan Bhagat And Shashi Tharoor Gets Involved

Saicharan Palakurthi

Diwali is one of the most prosperous festivals Indians have been celebrating since ages. Irrespective of the religion, everyone celebrates this grand festival in harmony and integrity. However, there are certain flaws with the same, pollution is the major one.

chetan bhagat about diwali crackers

Recent sources from the Environmental affairs and various surveys unanimously declared that the National Capital, New Delhi is the most affected state regarding pollution in India. The pictures of smog-filled Delhi air after Diwali celebrations last year are the valid proofs of the same. To get rid of such things this year, the Supreme Court has made it that firecrackers aren’t to be burned in the city.  Back then in November 2016 ban was there on the sale of firecrackers in the Delhi-NCR region.

With the stern position on the law that was made earlier, the SC said that it has not changed the September 12 order but its November 11, 2016, order which bans the sale of firecrackers “should be given a chance”. Diwali is all set to be celebrated on October 19, but, this year, it will be without crackers.

chetan bhagat and shashi tharoor on diwali crackers

On the other hand, with the involvement of popular writer Chetan Bhagat and UPA’s much-acclaimed politician Shashi Tharoor, the twitter debates simply turned ugly. The former aimed at lifting the ban on crackers, while the latter said otherwise.

Check out the following tweets by Chetan Bhagat that sparked sensation and criticism.

Meanwhile, Shashi Tharoor has his take on the same issue, his tweet read:

And who won the fight? Well, it is the other side. After all, isn’t health important than crackers and all hullaballoo? Check out the other side of the tweets that were in parallel to Tharoor’s views.

Amidst all this, Chetan has even responded to Tharoor’s tweet on the eve, his response read, “And w all respect who decides on what makes a part of a celebration, done for generations, suddenly unholy? And the courts should ban it?”

Check out it here:

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