Watch: A Disabled Man Mercilessly Beaten By Railway Police Is Going Viral

Written By : AIR Staff

An atrocious incident showing police brutality has come to light, where a differently abled man was cruelly bashed up by two Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel at the railway station in Balasore, Odisha.

A video captured the whole incident where the apprehended man was mercilessly seen being punched and kicked by the police personnel at the platform in front of several bystanders.

Going into the details, the victim, who is bereft of a leg, was held by the Railway police on the alleged charges of mobile theft on the busy platform of the railway station. In the video, policemen are seen slapping and kicking the helpless man who was sitting on the ground. The assault continued for a long time. The entire sequence was captured by a bystander.

Watch The Video Here:

It was alleged that the man, who has lost one leg, was thrashed for allegedly stealing a mobile phone of a passenger of a Guwahati-bound train. However, both RPF and Government Railway Police (GRP) of Balasore said they had no knowledge of any such incident.

As per some reports, the victim earned his livelihood by sweeping floors in trains between Balasore and Bhadrak railway stations. While other reports suggested that he was pulled out from the Guwahati-Bangalore Express. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has ordered a probe into this incident, and we hope the men who are guilty of this act will be brought to justice.

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