Doctors Made Shocking Revelations On Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Declares Him As Sex Addict

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Haryana’s sensation ‘Gurmeet Ram Rahim’ arrest has alarmed the whole North-Indian states from a couple of days, the crowd unleashed a spree of violence soon after the Panchkula’s court verdict went against this self-claimed godman-baba.

With Internet connections and railway facilities aborted, the whole states were in chaos. However, with the inclusion of more than 48 groups of CRPF soldiers, the situation is now somehow totally under control. Much to everyone’s surprise, the authorities raided Gurmeet’s Dera and discovered so much unauthorized property, the probe is on, many more unknown things about the 700 Acres big Dera were discovered.

gurmeet ram rahim property worth

And, on the top of everything, recently, Gurmeet has reported the officials of his diabetes, uneasiness, and restlessness, a team of doctors who examined him in the Rohtak jail on Saturday.

It is almost a fortnight since Gurmeet Ram Rahim was lodged in the jail where all the luxuries and pleasures are missing. The jail authorities had called a team of doctors, including a psychiatrist to the jail. Now, the results of the tests conducted reveals that Baba is suffering from the withdrawal symptoms.

“The baba is, in fact, a sex addict. He has no access to the physical pleasures in the jail which is the basis of his restlessness. He can be treated, but if delayed, it can lead to a bigger problem”, said the doctor.

Gurmeet in helicopter

Another person added, “He may not be drinking liquor now, but he regularly consumed energy drinks, sex tonics which were specially imported by him from Australia and other countries. Liquor bottle was recovered from his vehicle in Uttar Pradesh. It is the energy drinks and the sex tonics which increased his libido and he raped innocent girls.”

In a bid to defend himself from the pawns of court, Gurmeet proclaimed that he is impotent and too weak to have sex. Back in 1990, he announced that he had left his family and had nothing to do with the life of an ordinary man.

The source was seen saying, “He is a liar as he was never impotent. His son was a few months old when he became a Dera chief in 1990. He is accused of raping his disciples after 10 years. When people demanded his potency test, he retracted his 1990 statement and said he had physical relations with wife only. He wanted to deviate the investigations by telling the court that he is impotent. Why nobody got his potency test done so far is another loophole.”

Now, there are new doubts that are raising some serious concerns, Gurmeet requested for Honeypreet earlier to be his attendant, though the court denied the same.

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