No More Extra Charges At Petrol Pumps From Jan 13th, Customers Can Proceed With Card Payments

Saicharan Palakurthi

Here is some good news right after the very annoying news. the latter is about petrol pumps not accepting the card payments and the former is the counter to latter which states that you’ll be charged zero from January 13, at petrol pumps.

Following the All India Petroleum Dealers Association’s notification on Sunday, which says that the petrol pumps across the country won’t accept debit/credit cards for payments, and only cash is taken. The idea behind the statement given by AIPDA is ‘to protest the banks’ decision to levy an additional charge of up to one per cent on such transactions.

As a bid to tackle this issue, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday that there will be no additional charges on digital transactions made at petrol stations.

 “Neither the customers nor petrol pumps will bear additional charges on digital transactions. The issue will be resolved,” Pradhan said outside the Parliament.

 “Regarding the issue, it is a business module between banks and oil marketing companies which they will resolve,” he added.

 “Government will abide by guidelines issued in February 2016 wherein it stated customers won’t bear extra charges on digital transactions,” Pradhan said.

Straight after the demonetization, the government has been facing quite an enormous number of issues, and various measures were taken since then as a counterfeit to the problems.

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