Cabinet Minister Piyush Goyal Shares Pic Of Russian Street Praising Indian Govt, Gets Brutally Trolled

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Central Minister Piyush Goyal has faced severe backlash on the Internet for sharing fake pictures on his official Twitter handle. Praising the government’s way of working, the Coal & Power minister bluntly posted the pictures, he might have thought that there is no room for recognition.

On one side, people are brutally thrashing the central govt for its less or no services on monitoring the roads and transport system. In a bid to turn down the negativity, Goyal claimed that the Govt has illuminated over 50,000 km of Indian roads with LED lights.

The picture was captioned,” Govt. has illuminated 50,000 KM of Indian roads by retrofitting 30 lakh conventional streetlights with LED lights.”

Well, sad for him. The Internet has never been any dumb, a Twitter user soon acknowledged the location of the picture, responded to Goyal’s post in the most sarcastic way possible.

Factually, it is a Russian street, and soon after being pointed out, Goyal deleted the pictures which mean that the retrofitting of streetlights with LED lights is just a hoax, or may be the program is yet in progress.

piyush goyal gets trolled for posting russian street pic

The government has to realize that the Internet is no less in surfacing facts just like it surfaces some crappy stuff most of the times. It is the user named SM Hoax Slayer who recognized first,

piyush goyal fake post on twitter

This is not the first time that the ministers have done such thing, back then the picture of Canadain location was shared in a similar fashion.

Soon after the truth was spoken, Goyal deleted his earlier posts and thanked the netizens who helped in realizing facts. However, it is unknown that Piyush did this intentionally or he was misled by some other official who works below him.

Anyhow, thanks to Internet and SM Hoax Slayer for surfacing the facts, who knows what else are we made to believe in and what of it is actually happened.

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