Popular Magazine Gets Bashed On Twitter For Posting Sexist Story: ’20 Pics Of Suhana To Spice Up Friday’

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Media these days has already dropped down way below the bar just for the sake of TRP ratings and viral market. The morals and ethics are gone replacing the currency.

In various occasions, it was acknowledged that a number of media channels and online portals, including the magazines never left a stone unturned when they got an opportunity to portray an actor or an actress in a distasteful manner. Earlier, this happened with Sonam Kapoor, the actress boldly slammed the magazine for posting the insensitive pictures of her during an occasion.

Now, the situation is even worse, as India’s popular magazine didn’t give it back when it is about the 16-year-old teenage daughter of the Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan, Suhana Khan.


Breaking the limits of privacy and dignity, this magazine recklessly titled the article ’20 Pics Of Suhana To Spice Up Friday’, which is quite saddening. Afterall, she is a teenager who barely has firm knowledge on Bollywood and who must be spared for god’s sake.

This sick story from this authorities will make us feel so bad about teh current day media, and its prospective.

For those unhealthy set of writers and editors, Twitter didn’t spare anything, Twitterati brutally tore apart the piublications and whatever netizens said is rightfully valid and the message must be spread, the objectification of women must be stopped.

Read Twitter Reactions Here:

Despite, taking down this article, they simply modified the title:

And ironically, this is what the Publication is upto:

So, isn’t this quite enough to realize that the fine line between the curiousity and the privacy is clearly missing and atleast now, media must spare the private life of the celebrity kids which they badly crave for.