[WATCH VIDEO] Rahul Gandhi Accidentally Enters Ladies Bathroom In Gujarat, Video Gone Viral, Twitter Reacts

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Rahul Gandhi, the viceroy of humor and getting-trolled is now on news for another most embarrassing moment. This 46 Years Old Congress’ Vice President now lit up another gaffe at Gujarat during the three-day tour. Next, to his recently messed up speech about the exemplary ‘Artificial Intelligence’, this is what he has done to get back into the being-trolled business.

Rahul Gandhi at a press conference

He did the same, indulged in the worst goof-up of the decade, which he always does. He mistakenly stepped into the ladies bathroom during the political work. Although, now, on one hand, netizens feel that Rahul is already an embarrassment to the age-old Congress party and such deeds from him only lead to the extinction of Gandhian era.

This happened at Gujarat’s Chhota Udepur district on Wednesday and the video leaked by some media authority has now gone viral. The short video showed Rahul Gandhi coming out of the washroom outside which a signboard in the Gujarati language read ‘Mahilao Maate Shauchalay’ that roughly means ‘Ladies Washroom’.

Watch the video here:

Rahul did this goof up just before addressing the tribal students in Durbar Hall which is a part of his Navsarjan Yatra. On the other hand, Congress leaders went defending their vice-president, Manish Doshi, a Gujarat Congress spokesperson, who was present at the spot said, “The pictures show that Rahul just walked by the ladies washroom but didn’t enter it. The photos are being deliberately twisted to show the Congress leader in poor light.”

manish doshi about rahul gandhi entering ladies bathroom

Doshi accused BJP of making this pics and video go viral on the Internet. He added, “Rahul Gandhi had an extremely successful tour of Gujarat as he drew huge crowds everywhere. The BJP is rattled due to his popularity and hence it is resorting to such tricks to divert people’s attention. We are trying to find out who resorted to this mischief.”

But, netizens next to being aware of Rahul’s gaffe, went sneering trolls and memes on the Congressman, showered some brutal tweets slamming him blue and black. Check out some of the funniest trolls here:

Well, going back to the earlier sources, there are various moments when many other politicians did the same mistake at Chhota Udepur venue, said sources.

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