[WATCH VIDEO] Shopkeeper Ties Rat To A Glass Jar, Beats It Mercilessly For Stealing Something!

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

A video of rodent squeaking in pain taking brutal hits from the shopkeeper has gone viral on the Internet. The incident took place in South Indian state Karnataka’s Mysore City, the sick shopkeeper is slammed on the media for doing this merciless thing.

rats stealing food

In the video, we can see the rodent tied to the glass jar in an X-pattern, while facing the shopkeeper. It is said that he did so because the rodent has been stealing products in his store. The torturer, named in the Indian media as Melahalli Ramanna, filmed himself whipping the helpless rodent. The footage is branded “disturbing” by one animal welfare officer.

It was his effort to teach the rodent a lesson. As the poor mouse whimpers, he can be heard repeatedly asking: “Will it eat gram flour and wheat again?”

rat beaten with stick

If we take a closer look at the video, he hits the poor animal so hard that at one point the jar falls off the table before he picks it up again. Meanwhile, his pal can be heard laughing in the background and saying the video would look good if music could be added to it before the clip ends.

rat beaten with stick in video

An animal welfare officer from Chennai has said, “This is truly a disturbing video. I do not know where the world is heading. How can a person torture an animal like that?”

rat tied to jar and beaten

Then added, “These people are a serious threat to the society and actions should be taken against this person so he knows what is right and what is wrong. This is not how the animal should be treated. This is torture.”

Watch the video here:

After all, netizens are outpouring in serious comments to take an immediate action against the person who committed this.

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