Hilarious! Weatherman Is Speechless When Kid Runs On-Camera And Farts At Him

AIR Staff

A Mississippi meteorologist’s live report was interrupted by a young boy who passed gas on the weatherman before forecasting “farts” and “toots” in the area. Only this time, it’s a lot funnier.

Funniest Kid FARTS on Weatherman..! (News Blooper )

Yes, a weather reporter got an unexpected gust of wind when a boy interrupted a recent forecast to fart on him. Things were going pretty mundane for WLBT Meteorologist Patrick Ellis delivering the normal weather forecast until he was intervened by a kid.

In a youtube video posted by NewsFunnies shows the kid – son of a local lawyer – running near Ellis and farting at his knees just like that. Playing along with the kid, when Ellis asks him about his take on the weather, the little one says, “Yeah, there are fart’s everywhere and toot’s, it’s crazy.

While the kid didn’t want to leave the space soon, the clip shows him being whisked away by a person. It’s so hilarious, take look at the video below.

Watch the hilarious video here:

It is not unusual for the kids to be present on the set as many local lawyers bring their kids on set for a Saturday special show, explained Ellis on his Facebook live. Although none of the kids have ever made a candid appearance, Houston proved that he’s just not shy of the limelight at all.

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