Watch: ‘Funeral’ of Shahid Afridi & Pakistan Cricket Team Held in Karachi

The glorious days of Pakistan cricket are over. With their terrible performance in Asia Cup, Pakistan cricket team not only lost the matches but also support of their fans once gained in their impressive days. Their five-wicket loss to Bangladesh saw fans in Pakistan enacting a mock funeral for the cricket team.

The spectators broke television sets in anger after they lost to India last week. Virat Kohli took the match away from the arch-rivals with 49 off 51 balls.

A video by arynews shows the crowd enacting funeral with a bed covered with a white sheet. Showing their disappointment on the streets, the crowd said that they no longer believe in the team.

Watch the video here:

Pakistan’s captain Shahid Afridi was highly criticized by the crowd as well as former cricketers Javed Miandad, Mohammad Yousuf, Rashid Latif.

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