Delhi: A 23-Year-Old Woman’s Face was Slashed With a Blade by a man

Mangolpuri: A 23-year-old woman was slashed with a blade by a man in Delhi, this incident happened as she was going back to her home after buying something from a shop on Saturday.

She said that the man came towards him and was carrying a blade that he later on used to slash her face, he ran away after committing the crime.

In a statement that she gave to the police, it said that the 23-year-old woman was harassed by a man who repeatedly asked her to marry him. After getting annoyed she took the matter and reported it to her family, the family of the woman did talk to the man’s parents. The family of the man did apologies for the incident and the matter was settled after that. The 23-year-old woman thinks that the man can be behind the said attack.

The 23-yearold woman added that the man was jailed but got out and he can be the person behind the attack.

The police are now investigating the case and are trying to locate the alleged man who is behind the crime so they can arrest and interrogate him.



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