Delhi: Man Stabbed To Death By His Drunk Friends In Front Of His Wife

 Police Report: A man in the outer side of Delhi was stabbed and killed in front of his wife, he was stabbed by two of his friends after a brawl happened over a small thing.

Both the victim and accused had criminal records, the stabbed man was identified as Deepak a resident of Delhi’s Nangloi area.

After the incident, the Nangloi police station was called on 3:28 am and was alerted of the incident.

The wife said that Deepak returned from Hardwar on Wednesday and 2 of his friends decided to visit him. After eating their dinner, Deepak and his friends decided to drink liquor together, the wife said they were just having normal conversations until a brawl broke out between the friends, and suddenly a friend stabbed Deepak in her front and left the scene as fast as he can.

Deepak was brought to the nearest hospital where the doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

A team has been formed by the Nangloi Police and is currently finding the two friends.


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