10 Ways Baahubali has Changed the Indian/Tollywood Film Industry

Its been few days Baahubali released and it has smashed almost all the records at box office becoming the highest collected movie in the history of Indian Cinema within 5 days of its release. According to trade Pandits it will turn out to be the highest grossing movie in the history of Indian cinema. Keeping the collections aside here we covered few interesting outcomes of Baahubali movie which will have a great impact on the Indian and Telugu cinema.

1.  Yes Indian Cinema has the capability of Taking at Hollywood Standards

baahubali and hollywood

Many have compared the movie with 300 of Hollywood. Also according to box office records at US the film has stood among the top 10 movies with a gross of over $3 million at US Box Office.

2. Movies will be referred as before and after Baahubali


All the movies will be referred as before the release of Baahubali and after the release of Baahubali. How the collections are when compared with Baahubali, graphics when compared to Baahubali etc.

3. All the big budget movies will look very small when compared to Baahubali

star image doesnt matter

As we know it costed over 250 crore to produce two parts of Baahubali. This is the highest budget movie so far, now all the movies with big budget like 30-50 crore will look much smaller when compared to this.

4. Star image doesn’t matter at all for a movie success

starcast doesnt matter

SS Rajamouli has proved this many times previously with Eega and Maryada Ramanna that star cast doesn’t matter at all in the success of the movie. He also mentioned many times that star cast gives a boost to the movie but without proper story and screenplay all the efforts will go in vain.

5. Telugu and other regional Language Film Makers will plan their movies to release in English version to reach global audience

As the standard of making has gone to the next level, the film makers expect to reach their movies to global audience. So, we guess the regional movies will start dubbing in English to reach global audience.

6. Baahubali has created a better scope for experimental movies

Many Film makers have a second thought while doing some experiments and with movies like Eega and Baahubali its clear that the film makers are free to experiment their thoughts.

7. Major emphasis on Pre Promotion

Pre Promotion has played a key role in the massive openings of Baahubali. So, major emphasis should be towards pre promotion.

8. Proper use of Social Media can take the opening collections of movie to next level

social media strategy


Rajamouli and his team have made best use of social media by trending on Facebook, Twitter many times with multiple posters of the movie before its release. Its a great strategy to develop curiosity among the audience about the movie.

9. Filmmakers will give more emphasis towards Screenplay and Storytelling

Screenplay plays a key role in the success of the movie. A movie even without a good story can withstand in the market with a good screenplay.

10. Producers will start trusting the Directors who need more budget for their Gigantic movies


Rajamouli has won the trust of the producer who has invested lots of money on this movie. This will give a better scope for other directors to gain trust from the Producer.

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