Kangana Ranaut (Queen) Sends a Legal Notice to PR Firm for Spreading Negative Stories on her

Kangana Ranaut has sent a legal notice to a PR firm with which she worked earlier. She sent a legal notice as the firm spreaded a lot of negative stories on her which damaged her repuation to some extent she added.

According to the reports, a PR firm that was managing Kangana Ranaut three months ago has been sent a legal notice through her lawyer. The legal notice reads that how the company has been intentionally spreading false and misleading stories to media against client Kangana Ranaut and this is trying to cause a serious damage to her name, image and reputation in the industry.


The notice also reads, “My client has sufficient proof which prima facie suggest that such stories are being circulated by the representatives of your company… on behalf of my client ( I) call upon you to immediately stop indulging in such mischievous and malafide acts failing which I have been given peremptory instructions to immediately file both civil and criminal case of defamation against your company as well as initiate other appropriate proceedings at the risk, cost and consequences of your company.”

While Kangana was not available for comment, her lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee, says, “My client has been deeply disturbed by the false and misleading stories being circulated about her on public platforms and media, by people with malafide intentions and ulterior motives.

She said, “I respect my work, its impossible for me to play a word of my character from the movie on the television like that. I think somewhere media needs to have some respect”.

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