Salman Khan wished SRK in person on his 50th birthday

Salman Khan visited Shah Rukh Khan’s residence on his 50th birthday in the wee hours of the morning and wished him in person. Wishing his friend on his 50th birthday, Salman said, “I wish him all the very best. I wish the best of health for him and his entire family. May they have the most amazing life.

I hope his whole family to be healthy and for his children to take his name forward and take it beyond what Shah Rukh has achieved.”  Salman Khan became the first person to wish Shah Rukh Khan on his 50th birthday.

Salman Khan wished SRK in person on his 50th birthday

On SRK’s 50th birthday on November 2, Salman Khan said, “We are friends,” Source said. The two superstars’ relations have come a long way since they both of them did their first movie ‘Karan Arjun in 1995. After their reported fight in 2008, the third wheel of the Khan, Aamir Khan was said to be with Salman, but not with Shah Rukh Khan.

“He came in much later into the industry. Aamir debuted first, then I came in followed by Ajay and then SRK came in” added Salman.

SRK took to Twitter and shared two photos when Salman Khan paid a late night visit to his residence.

In the first photograph, SRK captioned as, “Bhai teaching me the moves for Sultan on my birthday,” and Posted. The moves did seem perfect for two wrestlers indulged in a friendly fight for Sultan upcoming movie.

In the next photograph was a ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ moment for SRK captured.

After Salman Khan, Aamir Khan wishes Shah Rukh Khan LOVE AND JOY on his birthday!

Aamir Khan also took to Twitter to wish SRK a happy birthday:

As on the birthday being a special day, SRK said that he looked at it like a normal day and spent a quiet time with close family members yesterday midnight.

Many Bollywood actors, co-stars and friend have wished Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter all day long on.

Both Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh and Salman turn 50 in this year as just more than a month from each other. While SRK celebrates his birthday on November 2, Salman will ring in his 50th on December 27 this year.

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