Tribute to APJ: Global Satellite To Be Named As “UN Kalam GlobalSat”

As a tribute to the vision of the celebrated rocket scientist, Missile man and former Indian President who died on July 27, it was decided to dedicate “A global satellite for earth observation and disaster risk reduction — GlobalSat for DRR” which was proposed under the UN framework.It was stated by Milind Pimprikar, chairman of CANEUS
(CANada-EUrope-US-ASia) Organization on Space Technologies for Societal Applications headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

CANEUS was founded in 1999, it serves for the development of a common platform for space technology solutions for natural and man-made disaster management. According to source Pimprikar told to IANS, The “GlobalSat for DRR” is a UN-driven global initiative on sharing space technology for disaster risk reduction.

Global satellite to be named after Abdul Kalam

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Proposal of Global Satellite:

The proposal of launch of Global satellite was raised at the third UN World Conferenceon Disaster Risk Reduction held at Sendai in Japan this March.

The concept of the launch of the satellite was initiated by CANEUS in cooperation with UN agencies including the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction,the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank.

It was proposed in response to the need for a globally interconnected disaster and environmental management system because it is not possible for a single country to afford for the development of complete set of sensors and satellite systems which are needed for forecasting, monitoring and mitigating natural disasters like floods, drought, typhoons, earthquakes, wild fires, windstorms,or tidal events.

Global Satellite to be named as ‘UN Kalam GlobalSat’:

“Therefore we now plan to dedicate the UN GlobalSat initiative as a tribute to Late Dr. Abdul Kalam by renaming it ‘UN Kalam GlobalSat’, Mr. Pimprikar added.


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The goals of UN GlobatSat are the same as those of Kalam. In his “World Space Vision-2050” Kalam had envisaged space faring nations joining hands to find solutions to mankind’s major problems, told Mr. Pimprikar.

According to the sources, Mr. Pimprikar hoped the renaming will inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and space explorers to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and pooling of resources to find low-cost solutions to major problems facing mankind.

Tribute to APJ: Satellite named UN Kalam GlobalSat

An Initiative has already proposed by Modi for a dedicated satellite for the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries.”Respecting India’s leadership, other nations from across the globe will support it
wholeheartedly to seek formal UN endorsement of “UN Kalam GlobalSat”, Pimprikar said.

The proposed UN-India Workshop in early 2016, can be addressed and finalised for implementation after the formal approval of UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. The eventual goal of this satellite, “is to establish a public/private
partnership that would create a low-cost, internationally shared data collection and distribution backbone in space with no barriers to entry for participating nations.”, he said.

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