On The Run Since 2015: 49-Year-Old Nepalese Man Who Kidnapped, Raped, And Tried To Kill 6-Year-Old Girl Arrested

Delhi Gate, New Delhi: A 49-year-old Nepalese man who was on the run since 2015 was arrested by the New Delhi police for raping and trying to kill a 6-year-old girl.

In 2015, 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai kidnapped, raped, and tried to kill the victim near a forest area in Okhla.

Kumar went back to Nepal after committing the crime and changed his identity.

The police arrested him on the pretext of giving him a job in New Delhi.

DCP Mandeep Randhawa of the Central Police New Delhi said the case was being handled by the Chandni Mahal Police Station.

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On August 10, 2019, the mother of the 6-year-old girl went to the school of her daughter so she could bring her back to their house, but the school officials told her that her “grandfather” took her from the school.

The school staff described the man as a man aged around 50-years-old, the staff said the girl called the man as “dada”.

Upon realizing, the mother recognized that the staff was taking about Kumar, who was living in their building as a tenant. The 6-year-old girl called her dada.

The mother went back to their building and went to the room of Kumar, but when she realized no one was there, she called her husband and searched for their daughter.

The parents informed the police and a search and rescue operation was launched.

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The 6-year-old girl was found lying unconscious in a forested area in Sanjay Colony.

A case of kidnapping, rape, and attempt to murder a minor was registered against 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai at the Okhla police Station.

The Okhla Police Station later found out that 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai has escaped to Nepal, by changing his identity.

In June last year, 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai was declared as a child sex offender by a court and an official charge-sheet was filed against him.

Earlier this year, DCP Randhawa decided to re-open cases that were unsolved.

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The Chandni Mahal Police Station found out that 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai was living in his hometown in Nepal.

The informer who told them about the whereabouts of 49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai was tasked to become close with the man.

The informer convinced Damai that his case has been closed in New Delhi and he could help him find a new job in New Delhi.

49-year-old Vijay Kumar Damai agreed to come back to India.

Vijay arrived at Daryaganj on September 28, 2019, where a team of police officers was waiting for him.

When he was detained, Vijay confessed the crimes.

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Vijay said that he used to work in a garments export house in Okhla in 2015, and he used to give financial aid to the family of the 6-year-old girl.

Vijay also claimed that the father of the girl abused him on a number of occasions, and as an act of revenge, he decided to rape the 6-year-old girl.

According to DCP Randhawa Vijay worked as a tailor in Bhutwal, Kathmandu, and other neighboring cities in Nepal in the past 4 years.

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