This Incident Narrating A Story Of An Old Man Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It is widely believed that the circumstances turn men into beasts. But that is not the case always because deep down lies an inner conscience which knows to separate right from wrong. The recent incident narrating a story of an honest old poor man will restore your faith in humanity once again.

A man from Isangar (Uttar Pradesh) withdrew Rs. 90000 from Durgesh bank on fine morning. He kept the money safely in the back of his car however while travelling through a bumpy road the money fell off. He had seen a few beggars on the road and had immediately decided to go and complain at the station.

Old Man Found R 90,000 Lying On The Road

Poor Man Finds Rs.90,000 On The Road:

Meanwhile, one poor man, who is probably in more urgent need of money more than most people, had found the same 90000 that had fallen from the car. Instead of running away he came to the police station with it without any delay.

When the old man walked into the station and returned the money, the police could not help but be in awe of his honesty. They took the old man to their headquarters where Captain Arvind Sen rewarded the man with Rs 7,000, a dhoti and a kurta for his noble act.

Finding Rs 90,000 on the streets would be a windfall for most. But the old man’s honesty in returning every penny even under poor living conditions, is an example for all to follow.

The man who lost his money will always remember this act of humanity while the rewarding by government portrays that a good act done is never gone in vain. We salute him!

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