Top TEN Reasons why I am Proud to be INDIAN

The citizens of every country feel proud of their nation. The patriotic feeling of the citizens arouse during the special moments and celebrations which are pertained to the national integrity and history. Being an Indian I feel proud of my nation. We feel pride of our nation due to various points to be born in India. I would like to illustrate the very top ten points which make me to feel pride of India

1. Rich Environment with Different Spirits: 

Environment of India is very unique. It is enriched with dissimilar spirits and flavours. The Grievous Wildlife, Elegant Rivers, Belligerent Desert and Lovely Mountains are few among its heavenly environment. The India’s tourism is the largest service industry with the contributions of 8.78% of the total employment in the country as the whole world bows at its natural beauty and makes it to be.

2. Land with Emotions:

The emotional bonding is much more in Indians that is us. Rather it may be a speech by a politician, a scold by a teacher or care by a mother India is rich with emotion filled moments. Whether it may be a feeling at home on Sunday or daily workload at office, No water supply one day or unclean roads as the list of all these emotion increases indefinably. We Indians think with heart and do with heart which makes us Indians rich with variety of emotions.

3. Our Lifestyle, Our Choice: 

The amazing fact about India is that it is a home of diversified culture from all over the world. The Indian culture has been rigid and that’s why it’s surviving with pride in Modern era. Indian Families are enriched with every kind of people as they believe in unity as integrity where we find grandparents traditional attire Dhoti kurta, parents with saree and pants shirts and trendy children’s leading their life together.

4. Most Benefecial Telecom Market: 

In world India is the fastest growing market with highest local call rate. This makes the best connectivity of network better than many other developed countries of the world. It was reported that Indian telecom industry has undergone a tremendous change during the past few years by Indian Telecom analysis (2008-2012).

5. The Fourth Pillar, MEDIA: 

The extravagant fact is that India has the largest number of news channel in the world and largest newspaper market in the world than any nation. Our Free Media is a largely asset and the greatest achievement for our country. Service of Media to us is like the fourth pillar or like a family member to us. Media in India is always with its citizens during every odd and even time circumstances like a Delhi Gang Rape incident or election coverage, or From the local issue like a chain snatching to the national issue like Lokpal bill or international updates of Olympics.

6. The Astonishing Bollywood: 

The world’s largest centre for the films industry Bollywood normally termed as Hindi Cinema with about 400 films every year production in the world. Fourteen Million Indians go for a movie almost daily, Indians are like in Love with Movies. Although, movies made in America have edged into India and American and British theatres showing Bollywood Movies on a more and more frequent basis. Indian Movies are day by day becoming more and more famous around the world.

7. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or NREGA: 

The most popular employment scheme in the world which is applauded by the UNO Indian Job Guarantee Scheme came into existence on August 25, 2005 is the largest ever-public employment scheme visualized till date. Later it was named after father of Nation M.K.GANDHI.

8. Outstanding SECULARISM: 

Constitution of India declares itself as a secular state. The existence of different religions and castes like no other place in the world makes it secular. Location of the temples and mosques and churches is the evident for this. A Indian citizens friends group is rich with different castes and religions, which proves us how the cultures and castes of India diversify.

9. Mouth-Watering Cuisine: 

The mouth watering cuisine is the best part of Indian culture. Indian cuisine is rich with wide variety of regional natives to India. This cuisine varies because of soil types, climates, occupations and influenced by cultural values and religion. Spices, vegetables and fruits of India are rich with mouth-watering tastes and it’s also the fragrance which creates magic. The variety is immense, colourful, aromatic and inexpensive even at top rated hotels. No wonder, it’s the third most popular cuisine in the world and nor it will be surprising when it becomes the first.

10. Great Indian Wedding: 

Every year Indians spend as much as three times of their national budget for wedding. In India, there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Wedding in India are amazingly celebrated like nowhere in the world. People dance, sing and celebrate it like a national festival which symbolizes and depicts Indian tradition, Indian culture and heritage. The extension of celebrations to a week and filled with emotions, glamour and glazes. Various events bring Chuckle and laughter while some other makes we cry as we already knew tat India is the land of emotions. Because of diversified traditions marriage celebrations vary from region to region. The Indian way of celebrations of marriage as a great event has set a trend in foreign countries too to marry in royal way like Indians do.

Top TEN Reasons why I am Proud to be INDIAN

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