14 Times People Posted Something On Social Media And Became A Public Embarrassment

Social media has practically taken over the world. There are a ton of platforms to keep up with from Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, and the list goes on and on and on. With so many options given to us, we basically have ample opportunity to post anything and constantly embarrass ourselves on the public platform
So here are some pics posted on social media by people and ended up becoming public a embarrassment!

1. There are some tests in which we shouldn’t get positive results, this is one of them.

2. Its better not to talk about something you don’t know on internet and become a fool.

3. Why post something on internet just to become a matter of laugh?

4.Can you bring some all of oil? I mean Olive oil.

5. Yeah now we know another 30 year old who can’t do that.

6. My empty stomach looks bigger than that.

7. Oh, these fake people on social media.

8. Some posts really questions the people’s presence of mind.

9. Yes, Morning sunsets are beautiful.

10. All of them are John Cenas? Because we can’t see them

11. Yeah, we can see your Bae. 

12. Did you mean Self-esteem? 

13. Many of us hate looking at lovey-dovey couple but only a few of them gets captured making cringe-worthy expressions.

14.Why do you want to become a public embarrassment by posting something like on social media?

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