20-Year-Old College Student Destroys CM Yogi Adityanath And UP Police In A Single Tweet

The whole India has celebrated Diwali yesterday. The festival of lights, colors and new beginnings, renowned as India’s one of the most important festival, it certainly is the prominent one when it comes to Hindus. After all, crackers, food, family gatherings, what not? everything sums up the sheer glare of happiness in the whole week or at least the around days.

adityanath diwali

But, one must accept that with the entry of BJP in both Center, the leniency that was earlier given to the Hindu festivals has stretched far more than it should. With the advent of Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh as the Chief Minister, the whole scene almost changed. There is an utmost saffronism prevailing throughout the state.

Spending a minimum amount of government funds to celebrate the National festivals is always there. However, it was the recent feat of Yogi that sparked some serious concerns about his governance. He literally set up a helicopter in which actors dressed as Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxman and were welcomed at the helipad spot by all the higher officials.

adityanath welcoming rama sita and laxman at helipad

Pictures went viral on social media to which people went showering in comments, a major portion of them went against the deed. They urged the government to spend money on something worthy, some quoted the government as saffron one, while others went trolling Adityanath for his frail attempts to recreate the 21st Century Ramayana.

After all, it would have been better if Yogi has spent the money for some welfare purposes like getting rid of poverty. Now, post all this, there is this another incident that has happened on social media which took netizens by storm. A young lad with the username @SimplyAbhay has brutally trolled both UP Police and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a single tweet.

up police on twitter

He went writing, “There is a guy who is using his power to withdraw a 22 years old case against him and many of his fellows. Can you help with this?”.

Startled with this direct question from the Twitter user, the UP Police official account went asking for the details. They wrote, ” Please tell a brief description of your problem?”

And, to this answer from UP Police, a reply from Abhay has stunned everybody.

Check out the conversation here:

abhay gupta tweet on up police and yogi adityanatj

Abhay has surely won the Internet and the way this conversation went viral on Quora is all enough to say it, moreover, we are not sure if UP Police has responded further to the issue.

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