9-Year-Old Indian Girl Who Won A McLaren Coupe In 2013, Wins $1 Million Dollar Jackpot In Dubai Duty Free’s Millennium Millionaire

Dubai: On Tuesday, a 9-year-old Indian girl won a One Million Dollar jackpot in Duty-Free’s Millennium Millionaire.

She won the money 6 years after she won a McLaren Coupe in the same raffle.

The lucky ticket was bought by the father of Eliza, who is identified as Mr. M. The draw took place at the International Airport in Dubai.

The father of the 9-year-old girl has been living in Dubai for 19 years, he said that he is a regular participant in the Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire draw since 2004.

According to a news company in Dubai, the 9-year-old won a McLaren Coupe in 2013 in the same draw.

Eliza is the 140th Indian National who has won the 1 Million Dollar draw in Duty-Free’s Millennium Millionaire Promotion since it started in 1999.

Mr. M said, “I have been buying tickets for the $ 1 million promotion since Series 43, and in fact, I have kept that ticket all this time. I never missed buying a ticket for every series including the Double and Multi-Millionaire Promotions.”

After the draw, 2 more winners were announced under the Duty-Free’s Finest Surprise Promotion, which included one more Indian, he won an expensive motorcycle.

Mohammad Haneef Adam, an Indian national who has been living in Dubai for 20 years said, “I am thrilled to have won such a beautiful motorbike. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.”

Mr. Mohammad won an Indian Scout Bobber Motorcycle.

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