London Thug Jailed For Torturing Cat Before Butchering It With Machete

A sick 25-year-old man from London was jailed after he admitted that he tortured a cat before he butchered the little one with a machete.

25-year-old Stefan Wallace reported tortured the cat with spray paint.

The police believe that this is just one of his many attacks.

The man also filmed himself carrying out the horrible attacks.

As a result of this doings, he was given a jail sentence of 6 months for animal cruelty.

He was sentenced on November 11, 2020, said a report that was published by MyLondon.

According to reports, Wallace, who is from Dagenham, East London, was arrested by the authorities on October 1, 2020, after he was seen roaming around in a public place with a machete.

At the time of his arrest, Wallace started to make weird and worrying comments about how he butchered a cat.

The police ended up investigating the case with the help of mental health professionals.

The authorities carried out a detailed investigation, which led them to find a flash drive at the house of Wallace.

The video shows him torturing a cat with spray paint before killing it.

Tony Kiddle, a Prosecutor, said:

The footage found at Wallace’s address was disturbing in the extreme. During the filming, he removes his mask to adjust the camera, clearly confirming his identity. Given the vast number of ways that domestic pets, roaming freely, can come to harm, it would be difficult to put a number of the level of his offending. But, given the content of his home footage, I believe that it is likely that he has played a sinister part in the deaths of a number of animals in recent years. Wallace has exhibited horrifyingly cruel behaviour and it is reassuring to know that he has been removed to a place where he can cause no further harm to beloved pets.

The police believe that Wallace has killed more domestic animals.

Wallace was given a sentence of 6 months for killing the cat.

Wallace was also banned from keeping any animal for the next 10 years.

He was sentenced to the Barkingside Magistrates’ Court.

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