A Billionaire Father Challenged His Son To Lead A Normal Life, What His Son Did Will Amaze You For Sure!

Billionaires, who lead their and their family’s lives with money never, think of poor people and the situations they face. They enjoy luxuries and enjoy each and every second of their life. But here is a billionaire father who challenged his son to leave all these luxuries and lead a normal life. Sounds something different, right?

Billionaire father

Meet Mr. Savji Dholakia, who is a famous Gujarati diamond merchant from Surat. Savji Dholakia owns a Rs 6000 crore company and is famous not only in India but also in 71 countries. Savji Dholakia is so rich that he had made it to the news for gifting flats and cars to his employees as a bonus. He has challenged his son about leading a normal life. This is all because of teaching a lesson about the actual meaning of life.

Savji wanted his son to know that “life isn’t so easy though we have millions and a high status, there are even struggles in our lives and you should overcome them.” Savji wanted his son to go to some other place and earn his livelihood through odd jobs. His 21-year-old son Dravya Dholakia is pursuing MBA in the USA.

Dravya has come to India on a holiday. He was asked to take up the challenge from his father. The young boy took the challenge and he left for Kochi with Rs 7,000 and 3 pairs of clothes.

Savji’s Challenge Included Few Conditions:

1. He had to find some work for earning money but he shouldn’t stay there for more than a week.

2. He shouldn’t use his father’s identity.

3. He shouldn’t use that Rs. 7000 until and unless it is an emergency.

Billionaire son who took the challenge of his father

Dravya accepted the challenge and came to Kochi where people don’t understand Hindi and Malayalam is the language they speak, which Dravya don’t know. Dravya has faced few problems like he has no place to stay nor did get a job for first 5 days. He was then frustrated and moreover he had to say lie to the employers to seek the job.

However, he got a job in a Bakery. He later switched his jobs like working in Call Center, Mc Donalds, and Footwear shop. He earned Rs 4000 in a month. Dravya added “I never worried about money and here I was struggling to get one time meal worth Rs 40. I needed another Rs 250 per day to stay in a lodge.”

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