BJP Supporter Cousin Shoots Cousin For Voting Congress In The Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The Haryana Police said that a cousin shot his cousin for voting for Congress in Jhajjar, Haryana on Monday.

Locals said that a clash between the supporters of BJP and Congress broke out on Monday, which is one day after the sixth round of the Lok Sabha 2019 Elections.

Dharmender, the person who shot his cousin, is a BJP supporter, he shot Raja, his cousin, for voting the opposition party. The mother of Raja was also injured in the clash.

Ramesh Kumar, a police officer of the Jhajjar Police Station said, “We got information about firing incident in Sailana village on Monday. When we reached there, Dharmendra fled from the spot. The bullet was fired from an illegal weapon. We have registered a case based on Raja’s complaint.”

When the Phulmati, the mother of Raja was asked about the incident, she said, “There was a quarrel between Dharmendra and Raja on polling day. Dharmendra was asking Raja to vote in favor of the BJP but Raja did not listen to him. On Monday morning, Dharmendra started firing aiming at Raja, who was later admitted to PGI. His condition is stable now.”

The police added that a probe has been launched for the incident.


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