Oil Rig Workers Rescue “Boonrod” A Dog Who Was Found Paddling In The Sea 220 Kilometers Away From Thailand Coast

A dog was rescued 220 kilometers off the coast of Thailand by a team of oil rig workers after it was seen padding near a drilling platform.

The dog was swimming towards the workers when they called him out, the dog was then pulled out from the sea.

It is still not clear how the dog swam 220 kilometers from the coast of Thailand.

Many believe that he may have fallen from a trawler.

The workers on the oil rig named the dog “Boonrod”, which means “Survivor” in Thai.

Boonrod was exhausted, was in dire need of fresh water, and needed food when he was rescued by the workers.

The dog was nursed on the oil rig while the staff radioed for help, they requested the assistance of a tanker that was headed to the shore of Thailand.

The oil workers gave Boonrod a bath so they could cleanse his fur that was soaked under seawater, he took a nap afterward.

Luckily, when Boonrod was rescued by the workers, the conditions of the sea were calm, which also made the rescue operation easy.

He was lifted out by a crane and was placed on to an oil vessel that was passing through the area on Sunday.

Boonrod stayed on the oil rig for 2 nights before he was picked by another vessel that was on its way back to shore.

He is set to be brought to a veterinary clinic in southern Thailand.

Officials said that Boonrod was in good shape when he arrived in Southern Thailand and has been brought to the veterinary.

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