Hit-and-Run Case Turns Out To Be A Contract Killing From Rival Businessman In Mumbai  

Police Report: In what was earlier believed as a hit-and-run accident in Sion, Mumbai, it turned out to be a contract killing by a rival businessman.

In January 2014, a 33 yr old man was driving a tanker that knocked down a hawker, has been arrested by the Crime Branch unit of the Mumbai Police.

The accident happened in the Wadala Link Road of Sion that killed 40-year-old Iqbal Barkat Khan a hawker.

DCP Dilip Sawant said, “The police had initially registered a case of accidental death. However, during the probe, officials of Unit III of Mumbai crime branch suspected that it was a murder and started investigating in that direction.”

Preliminary investigations revealed that Iqbal Barkat Khan had a couple of rivalries in his business.

DCP Dilip added, “The crime branch later got information about the driver of the tanker, identified as Amol Tatyasaheb Pasoba. Pasoba was driving the vehicle when it run over the victim.”

During the interrogation, Pasoba did admit that the owner of the tanker gave him Rs.40,000 for a contract killing for killing Iqbal Barkat Khan.

The 2 accused people showed Iqbal Khan to Pasoba and also done a patrol of the route that Iqbal was using in his daily routine.

The police are currently looking for the 2 accused men and a probe has also been launched for the case.

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