DasCoin – New Age Cryptocurrency for Responsible Transactions Processing

DasCoin is the Currency of Trust. Members of the NetLeaders community began acquiring and trading DasCoin on March 31, 2017, and rapid global growth is expected.

Perhaps the best way to list the merits of DasCoin is to explain the DasNet ecosystem. For many folks, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are perceived as distinct digital tokens operating in the “Wild West” of unregulated, decentralized, and anonymous transactions. DasCoin is unlike others, as it is a cryptocurrency with a purpose.

First and foremost DasCoin is part of a regulated system that provides all the benefits of blockchain technology,  without the shortcomings. The ecosystem, within which this cryptocurrency operates, comprises a global community of fully authenticated users. In other words, everyone within the framework is subject to a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification policy. Other blockchain networks vary in their compliance with such regulatory policies.



It is inevitable that regulation will impact the way cryptocurrencies operate, and rightly so. We have seen evidence of this with the crackdown taking place in countries like China. Even the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) recently cautioned that cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to punitive measures if they do not bear SEC licensing and regulation. In other words, security laws will be applicable to all cryptocurrency exchanges, and all trading activity will fall under the broader umbrella of the SEC. DasCoin removes many of these volatility pressures by complying with the authorities right off the bat. While privacy is assured, anonymity isn’t.

Is DasCoin Really Better than the Rest?

The term ‘better’ could be regarded as a subjective measure of quality or performance, but in the case of DasCoin, there are several benchmarks which can be evaluated on a quantitative and qualitative basis. These include the following:

  • The speed of confirmed DasCoin blockchain transactions is just six seconds
  • 100,000 transactions per second can be processed, making this cryptocurrency highly scalable for a myriad of global applications.
  • Permissioned blockchain security, thanks to a KYC authentication system, ensures that every node is fully verified and licensed. KYC authentication and regulatory compliance are fully aligned with CFT standards and AML standards.


  • The DasCoin blockchain network is sophisticated, integrated, and secure, thanks to the consortium blockchain technology, authenticated network, decentralized wallet, and balanced ecosystem.
  • DasCoin is highly adaptable, integrated, compliant with regulations, and eco-friendly. This makes it sustainable and growth-oriented. This Currency of Trust is reshaping the way that people perceive blockchain technology. It is an upgrade of the existing system, with many enhancements designed to provide added security.

What is the Community of Empowerment?

The ecosystem is designed to benefit everyone in it. Unlike traditional networks like Facebook which benefit the top-heavy component, the NetLeaders community allows people who contribute to the system to grow it, develop it, and make it more valuable. This global network adds value at every point on the chain. With enhanced performance and efficiency, greater reliability and scalability, the community of empowerment offers cutting-edge blockchain technology and network services.

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