Indian Tourists Killed In UAE Desert Safari Car Crash

Indian tourists were killed in a speeding accident that happened at a desert safari in Africa. The crash caused te death of a couple, 5 people injured that includes 2 children, the accident happened when the vehicle was running fast and flipped over a couple of times in the desert.

The couple who died in the accident were tourists who visited the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for the first time, they traveled to the UAE for a family reunion. They were coming back from the safari desert when the accident happened on Tuesday.

The couple was identified as 42-year-old Rohinibahen Vinodbhai Patel and 47-year-old Vinodbhai Patel, Rohinibahen died on the spot while Vinodbhai died from a cardiac arrest in the hospital. The family came from Baroda Gujarat.

The Sharjah Police said that the driver who was hired from a tour company was speeding and lost control of the vehicle on the Al Nazawi Road in Madam on Tuesday evening, the driver attained serious injuries and is now admitted in a hospital.

The family landed in the UAE on 8 February 2019, there was only one survivor from the family, he is the brother-in-law Dipak Patel a US Citizen, he was the only one who was in a different car when the accident happened.

He said that he went ahead and got the news when he reached the tour company, they were all gathered to enjoy the reunion as this was their first reunion in the last 12 years.

Dipak Patel said: “Rohinibahen is my wife Vaishali’s oldest sister. My wife, our kids Charmi, 13, and Manav 9 – and Rohinibahen’s younger brother, Yogesh, and his wife, Meghna, formed the holiday group.”

He added: “We went to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and we were having a great time… We were supposed to enjoy this short trip in Dubai and return to India. I was going to head back to Chicago with my family on February 23.”

The wife of Yogesh, Meghna is in critical condition, the wife of Dipak Patel, Vaishali attained bone fracture and injuries. The 2 kids suffered minor injuries from the crash.



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