Jacqueline Ades, The Woman Who Sent 159,000 Messages In 10 months To A Millionaire After One Date

Jacqueline Ades, the woman who sent 159,000 messages to a millionaire who she went out with a date for once and broke into his house, speaks out for the first time.

In a new interview, Jacqueline still does not know why she is being kept inside prison and also, she wants to go to trial. She believes that if she goes to trial, the jury will have no choice but to find her not guilty and order the millionaire, who she really loves, to marry her.

Jacqueline added that she still does not believe that she is being kept in prison since May last year.

Jacqueline sent a lot of messages to the millionaire, here is one, “I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones.”

Another one is, ‘oh what would I do w ur blood! Id wanna bathe in it’ and ‘don’t ever try to leave me… I’ll kill you’.

Pretty intense right?

This does not stop there, the police, later on, caught up with Jacqueline when she broke into the millionaire’s home and was in his bath, she said, “I just think it’s ridiculous.

She added, “I can’t believe that it turned into this. I can’t believe that I’m actually in jail over some text messages.”

Jacqueline said that the millionaire was responding to her for a couple of months after their first date and said that the messages she sent were just jokes.

She added, “I said, ‘If I had a perverted imagination, what would I think?’

Jacqueline continued, “And then I wrote all these weird things. Just, like, I was literally playing with my imagination and it turned out that that scared him.”

During a hearing earlier this year, Jacqueline was found to be mentally incompetent, and according to her lawyer, her client could be out, but was rejected a plea deal that would have seen her accept the time serves, ten years of probation, and being prohibited from getting in touch with the said millionaire.

Jacqueline really wants to go for a trial, she even thought that the plea bargain was not real.

She added, “They’re [the jury] going to say, ‘You’re not guilty and on top of it we, like, demand that you two get married.'”

The next hearing for Jacqueline Ades is set to take place next month, on May 21, 2019.


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