Kerala: Nun who took part in protests against bishop gets warning from church

Kerala: Nun who took part in protests against bishop gets warning from church
Kalapura and some other nuns of the order had staged a hunger strike near the High Court premises in Kochi for weeks last year demanding Mulakkal’s arrest.

A warning letter from the Catholic Church was sent to Sister Lucy kalapura, she is a nun who was seen leading a number of protests against Bishop Franco Mulakkal who has been accused of rape. She also wrote a number of articles in non-Christian newspapers and made “false accusations” against the Catholic Leadership.

The warning letter was hand out by Sr. Ann Joseph FCC, who is the Superior General of the Franciscan Claris Congregation. The warning letter stated that it is possible for Sister Lucy kalapura to get dismissed from the congregation.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal was accused of raping a nun that belonged to the Order of Missionaries of Jesus between the years 2014 and 2016, he even spent 21 days in the jail of Pala. Along with Sister Lucy kalapura, other nuns of the same order went on a hunger strike that was held near the High-Court premises in Kochi, their main goal was the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

The letter to Sr Kalapura said “Your deeds on 20th September 2018 and on the following days were of most grave external scandal and harm to the Church and the FCC. You went to the Ernakulam High Court junction and participated in the protest held by the SOS Action Council on 20-9-2018 without the permission of your superior. You have published articles in some non-Christian newspapers and weeklies like Mangalam and Madhyamam etc, gave interviews to Samayam without seeking permission from the provincial superior. Through Facebook, channel discussions and articles you belittled the Catholic leadership by making false accusations and tried to bring down the sacraments. You tried to defame FCC also. Your performance through social media as a religious sister was culpable arising grave scandal.”

Kalapura told All India Roundup “I don’t think my acts, as mentioned by the Catholic Church in it’s notice, are wrong. If I’d known they were wrong, I would have never committed them. I have no clarification to give regarding that matter. There’s no doubt that this is an act of revenge.”

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