Man confesses killing his 32-year-old Wife and 3 Kids Aged 5 below to his brother-in-law in Ghaziabad

On Sunday, Sumit Kumar killed his 32-year-old wife and 3 kids who were aged 5 below in Ghaziabad, Sumit is currently on the run, and he confessed the crime to his brother-in-law and added that he is going to commit suicide.

The Ghaziabad Police said that Sumit Kumar lost his job earlier this year and is going through a financial crisis, they believe that this could be the reason behind the killing of his wife and 3 kids.

The incident was brought to light on Sunday, officials say that the incident happened in Gyan Khand area of Delhi.

The 4 deceased people have been identified as 32-year-old Ahnu Bala, 5-year-old Permesh, and twins 4-year-old Akriti and Aru.

Officials say that Sumit added sleeping pills in a liquid and gave it to them.

Before Sumit ran away, he called his brother-in-law and told him that he has killed his 3 kids and wife, he also added that he will be committing suicide.

Officials added that they believe the incident happened on early Sunday morning.

Officials say that a probe has been launched for the incident and are currently trying to locate Sumit.

The police have sent the bodies of the 4 people for an autopsy.

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