This Video Of A Man Talking About Indian Food Crisis Is a Must Watch For All Indians!

From farmer suicides to NRIs who are indifferent to their country, and from unscientific waste disposal to depleting levels of groundwater the problems India face are many. But nowhere has these issues been addressed so concisely as this man did inside a bus full of people.

The man (who works at the Art of Living Centre, Bangalore) delivering the speech in this video has a lot to talk about the changes and impact of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation on culture and lack of respect.

The video originally posted by the Facebook user, Sanjivani Lanjewar. In the video, He shared his thoughts on topics ranging from urbanization to agriculture, farmer suicides to non-returning NRIs, plastic waste to depleting water levels to a bus full of visitors.

Firstly, we need to realize that we have lost our touch with nature and food. Cancer, is on the rise, new forms of diseases are coming up, our food system is spoiled and health care has turned into sick care which keeps us sick to keep profits coming.

The problem with everyone of us is: We don’t know we are part of that problem, each one of us. And we ignore and say “What can I do?

But it’s the issue of scarcity of food-caused primarily by  lack of enthusiasm for farming by the educated members of the new-generation that the man stresses the most. As the man puts it so succinctly, “Everyone wants to eat but no one wants to grow food.

But there is hope. If we wake up and analyse our lifestyles we can make a big difference in our entire lives and ecosystems.

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