Man Who Asked A Refund For His Faulty Google Phone, Gets 10 New Google Pixel 3 Phones Worth $10,000 As Replacement

Everyone knows how hard it is to get their faulty phones replaced, the pain of having to send it back to the manufacturer so they can replace it or give you a refund so you can get a new one.

But imagine if you ask for a refund, and you get 10 of those phones. Confusing right?

That’s what exactly happened when with a man who sent his Google Pixel 3 back, but instead of getting a refund of $900, the man received 10 brand new phones instead, the 10 phones are worth nearly $10,000.

u/Cheetohz, a Reddit user, shared the story and the picture on the website, he said, “Google, I have your phones. You have my money. Let’s sort this out.”

He added, “Second to last resort to get the support I need. Resorting to bad PR. Hate that it had to come to this. I recently returned a defective white pixel 3, so that I could re-purchase a not pink model. Problem is. I was only refunded $80 (tax) I’m still owed $900 by Google.”

He continued, “With the shipping is my not pink model, Google screwed up and shipped me 10… At $1000ea, that’s $10k of product I now legally have in my possession. In all, I’m actually in the positive by $8k. Well, I want to do the right thing and return them. But I’m not willing to do so until my refund is processed properly. If I don’t get the proper support here, I’ll going to attempt to return the extra 9 phones via $1000 COD.”

u/Cheetohz said that if his shipment is rejected, he will be selling the phones to “recoup my money that wasn’t refunded”

He says that it is not the right thing to do, but he has run out of options and patience.

After the post was trending on Reddit, Google reached out to the man via their Reddit Account, they asked u/Cheetohz to get in touch with them so the problem could be resolved.

A representative of Google said, “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll send you a private message to get some personal details from you so we can look into this for you.”

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