Man Who Stabbed His Girlfriend’s Stomach To Kill Her Baby Will Not Be Charged

Anthony Hobson, the man who stabbed Jennifer Irigoyen, his girlfriend, in her torso, abdomen, and neck. The investigation revealed that he wanted to kill the baby that was in the womb of Jennifer Irigoyen, the girlfriend also shouted “He’s got a knife. He’s going to kill the baby!”

Anthony ended up killing his girlfriend and the baby she was carrying, he was charged 2 crimes, but the charge for killing the unborn baby was dropped, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that the new abortion law has no penalties for killing an unborn baby, abortion was removed as a federal offense and was added in the public health law.

The lawmaker who helped pass the bill, Sen. Liz Krueger and Anna Kaplan said that there is nothing in the law that says or prevents the prosecutor to charge a crime as Anthony Hobson committed. They added that Hobson can be prosecuted under first-degree assault, a sentence that is worse than the unlawful abortion.







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