New Delhi: Woman Thief Beaten To Death By Workers

Police Report: A 37-year-old woman was beaten to death by factory workers after she was caught stealing pressure cookers at a cooker factory in Samaipur Badli are of North Delhi.

Officials said that the incident happened on Wednesday after 8 women entered a cooker factory by breaking its wall. As the group of women were stealing items from the factory, laborers caught them an a fight broke out.

6 of the women managed to run away from the spot, but left 2 behind who were beaten up by the workers of the factory and some other locals.

After the police reached the factory, one woman said that she was feeling unwell. Both women were brought to the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital for their medical treatment and were discharged.

DCP Gaurav Sharma said that the 2 women thiefs were arrested at the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital by the police.

After the magistrate ordered the judicial custody of the 2 women, the 37-year-old woman was brought back to the hospital after she said that she was not feeling well. She passed away in the hospital while undergoing her treatment.

The son of the 37-year-old woman received a phone call from the police officials on Wednesday who informed him about the arrest of his mother.

Arvind, the son of the 37-year-old woman said “Police told me that my mother was arrested and is hospitalized. When I reached the hospital to check on her, I learnt that she was brutally thrashed by locals. But some of my family members alleged that she was beaten up by the police as well.”

The police said that the woman never made it to the police station, she was arrested at the Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital and was presented before a magistrate before she was brought back to the hospital again.

The officials have launched a magisterial probe for the death of the woman.

Preliminary investigations show that the 37-year-old woman passed away due to internal injuries she attained. But the exact reason behind her death will be known after the report of the autopsy will be available.

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