Parody Account Of Kejriwal Is Begging Corporates To Save Him From PM Modi, LOL!

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is known for controversies. He is even famous on social networking sites such as Twitter, etc.

The latest news was he posted a video message to his supporters saying that he fears that PM Narendra Modi might get him killed. Since the video message was posted, the Indian Twitter has been a riot.

Kejriwal pleading

Since then, Twitter account ‘TrollKejri’ has been ruthlessly trolling the name Arvind Kejriwal and Twitterati can’t stop laughing at it.

First, he tweeted to Ola Cabs, asking for their help.

He asked support from foreign countries:

Later, he asked few airline companies for help:

Then, he asked e-commerce sites for help:

He asked Airtel for help:

He shared memes showing how would Modi kill him:

Finally, he tried to be friendly with PM Modi so he would not make plans to kill him:

Though it a fake account of Kejriwal, it has created fun and entertained every one on Twitter.

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