Sri Lankan Police Arrested 3 People And Seized 21 Hand Grenades From Them Along With 6 Swords  

The police in Sri Lanka arrested 3 people during a raid and seized 6 swords, 21 hand grenades, and a van from them. The raid was conducted at an area in Colombo.

Official reports said that the raid was led by the CCD (Colombo Crime Division) and the STF (Special Task Force) in Modara, Colombo.

Ruwan Gunasekara, the spokesperson of the Sri Lankan Police said that they have arrested more than 70 people in the country since the Easter Sunday Bombings happened, the serial blasts killed 359 people and injured more than 500.

Mr. Ruwan added that they arrested the people on suspicion of being part of terrorist activities, and aiding and abetting conspiracy to commit terrorist activities.

He added that 4 of the cases, which are considered as really serious, are under the TID (Terrorism Investigation Department) of Sri Lanka.

33 suspects are currently being detained by the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) of Sri Lanka.

The rest suspects are detained by the local police. Most of the suspects were arrested in Colombo, the city where the serial blasts happened. Officials added that they also arrested 4 women.

All of the arrested suspects are from Sri Lanka and most of them are either friends or the family members of the suicide bombers who carried out the suicide blasts.

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