Police Officer Commits Suicide And Blames 2 Police Commissioners In His Suicide Note

Police Report: A 56-year-old police officer committed suicide inside his house at the district of Amravati, Maharashtra. Reports show that the police officer did not get his salary for 2 months and was debt-ridden and failed to pay the college fee of his son who is currently studying in Pune.

The police officer has been identified as 56-year-old ASI Ramsingh Gulabsingh Chavan, he committed suicide on Monday inside his house at Amravati City.

The police officers who were investigating the case recovered a suicide note in which he blamed the incident to the Police Commissioner of Amravati and the Deputy Police Commissioner.

ASI Ramsingh also asked the members of his family to not perform the last rites until a case has been registered against the two police commissioners, he wrote this in the suicide note.

56-year-old ASI Ramsingh Gulabsingh Chavan has been working in the police for the past 35 years.

5 years ago, ASI Ramsingh had an accident while he was on duty since then he has gone through continuous treatment. ASI Ramsingh returned to the police services last year.

Reports show that ASI Ramsingh did not submit his medical related documents, because of this his income tax that was worth INR 51,000 had to be deducted.

56-year-old ASI Ramsingh Gulabsingh Chavan also wrote that he did not receive his salary for the past 2 months.

He also wrote that when he was going through treatment, the board did not give him enough time to rest, adding to that, he also mentioned that the commissioner did not allow his salary to be released.

The suicide note also mentioned that he could not send money for the college fee of his son that is studying in Pune as he is debt-ridden.

The police have registered the case under an accidental death and have assigned a team that will investigate further.

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