Prime Minister Of Australia Speaks Chinese To Korean Voter

When Scott Morrison was headed out on a campaign trail in Sydney under the watchful eye of the press on April 13, he decided to meet and greet the people who were present in the area.

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia speaks Chinese to an Asian voter who turns out to be a Korean.

Last week, Scott Morrison was seen walking in the streets of Sydney to mingle with the citizens of Australia for the first time since announcing the parliamentary elections that will happen on May 18.

PM Morrison, the Liberal Party Leader was in the Strathfield Suburb during his opening campaign.

While he was shaking the hands of a Korean woman, the PM said, “Hello, how are you? Ni hao, how are you?

Here is a short clip of the incident, you can clearly hear the Prime Minister saying “Ni Hao” to a Korean woman

For those who do not know, Ni Hao means “Hello” in Mandarin Chinese.

The woman responded with, “No, no, no, I’m Korean,”


PM Morrison paused for a while and moved on to greet the next person.

The incident happened after PM Morrison visited a Korean restaurant that was located in Strathfield.

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