Caught On Camera: Rahul Gandhi Enjoys A Nap In Lok Sabha Once Again

Vice-President of Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi was once again caught on camera while enjoying a nap in Lok Sabha. This footage was recorded while the Congress has taken the battle on the BJP over the thrashing of four Dalit youth in Gujarat’s Una.

Rahul gandhi sleeping

Rajnath Singh was speaking on the very important issue of Gujarat Dalit assault, there he was, the beloved Vice-president of Congress Party comfortably dozing off.

As the Congress benches exploded in protest over Rajnath’s remarks, television footage certainly showed Rahul Gandhi sleeping with his forehead resting in his palm. Congress party’s Lok Sabha chief Mallikarjun Kharge and his fellow MPs were on their feet shouting their objections against BJP, Rahul seemed to sleep on.

This was not the first time we are seeing Rahul Gandhi sleeping inside the Lok Sabha, earlier we had him doing the same in the hall. Thus, Twitterati trolled Rahul Gandhi for his childish act in Lok Sabha.

Twitterati Trolls Rahul Gandhi:

Congress Leader Renuka Chowdhury Reaction:

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