Kabali Fever: This Recommendation Letter For Kabali Tickets Is Going Viral In Social Media

With just a day to go for the release of Rajni’s Kabali, things are getting heated up and everyone wants to grab a ticket each to watch the film on the first day first show itself. The fans are even taking some political recommendations to get hold of tickets on the first day.

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With the unprecedented rush for the first day, first show tickets for Kabali , several cinemas in the city have allegedly sold them for high rates. The tickets for Monday and the shows for the opening weekend were sold out in a short time. Here is the recommendation letter for a cinema theatre manager in Chennai asking tickets for the first day first show.

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Kabali Tickets Recommendation Letter:


The letter shows a recommendation from the Minister of Information and Publicity asking for 10 tickets on the first day for the first show. The theatre management is heated up with this kind of recommendations. Meanwhile, Rajni fans are ready to get tickets even for a high price.

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“The fan club members have always been given preference by the theatres so far. But this time around, the theatres are asking us to pay up like everyone else. The prices are quite high,” a Rajini fan club member, who drives an autorickshaw for a living, said.

“Everyone wants the first day, first, show tickets. We have given second and third-day tickets to a corporate group,” said the manager of a popular theatre in K.K. Nagar.

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