There is an Exponential Increase in Google Search for “Jobs near me”

Google search for ‘jobs near me’: Sharp spike since 2016
Google team rely on the figure they receive to determine the popularity of a given word. 100 means peak popularity, 50 means half popular, and 0 means the term is not popular.

The data from Google shows that the searches for the phrase “jobs near me” has hiked over the last four or so years in India, with the last two years recording enormous increases. The top 10 searches in India this year featured “near me,” that’s according to the data obtained from Google’s Year in Search.

The graphical representation of the interest in the research phrase mentioned between January 2004 and December 2018 depicts a flat rate between January 2004 to May 2014 with exception of few rises and falls. However, after May 2014, it steadily rises showing an increase in the search made on Google.

As shown by the graph, the search for “jobs near me” had a score of 1 in May 2014 then moved to 2 in June the same year. The figure kept on increasing reaching 17 by April 2017. Thereafter, it continued to rise to 50 in August 2017, 88 in April 2018 and then peaked 100 in July 2018. While these figures do not give an exact search volume on Google, they give a clear representation of search interest compared to the highest point of view for a specific region at a given time.

Google uses a figure of 100 to show peak popularity. Any search with a value of 50 shows that the word or phrase of interest is half popular while a score of 0 indicates inadequate data for the term in question.

The data published by the TRAI on the tele-density of the country was 89.51% as of September 2018. This figure shows a significant increase when compared to 70.63% recorded in September 2013.

Information sourced about the searches for “near me” indicated that they were performed near urban centres and industrial areas and have been most popular in Secunderabad for the last one and a half decade. Areas that are also mentioned at the top of the list include Thane, Navi Mumbai, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Visakhapatnam, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgaon in that order.

In a similar manner, interest in sub-regions over a period of time is also computed and weighed in a scale of 0 to 100. 100 represents regions which are most popular as a percentage of the total searches conducted by the area residents. 50 represents half popularity. The statistics show that more than half of all job-related searches in India are through mobile devices.

There has been also a steady increase in searches related to “near me” in the past 4-5 years. Such searches include “supermarkets near me”, “gas stations near me”, and “mobile stores near me.” Luckily, Google has provided a search tool on their website which enables people to source for jobs. It gives suggestion to users making their work easier.

The new tool was announced and Launched by Google in April 2017 which led to an increase of 45% in the job-related searches. 50% of job-related searches in India is done through the smartphones which users find very convenient to use. The mobile search queries increase by about 90% every year.

The increase in the search phrases for the last 5 years weighed on a 15-year scale directly indicates the search volumes. This can also depend on the increasing use of mobile handsets an internets in India. Data published by TRAI shows that the country’s tele-density was 89.51% as of September 2018, recording a significant increase from 70.63% recorded in September 2013. The increase realized was due to an uptick in the rural tele-density through the years.

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