Thief Caught Live On CCTV Camera Stealing Gold Jewellery From Shop! Video Going Viral

Every now and then, we come across many cases of robbery on shops and shopliftings regularly. However, with the help of CCTV cameras installed in shops and malls, not a number of people dare to commit such crimes but still these kinds of incidents take place.


You might have heard about incidents of robbery many times but today we are here to tell you about a robbery that will leave you in splits. Yes, you heard it right!

Here is a video of CCTV footage, where a thief who was in his 30s and had been caught shoplifting gold rings from the shop of a jeweler.

According to the reports, a man (thief) entered a gold shop, pretending to be a customer on December 8th at New Delhi. He purchased gold worth Rs. 6,500 and then asked the jeweler to show expensive gold items.

Within few minutes, the thief was able to shoplift dozens of designer gold rings and chains from the shop and the jeweler did not have any clue. He got to know about the theft happened in his shop when he searched for designer gold rings and chains to show them to a customer.

Watch The Video Here:

After this incident, the jeweler and his family are in a state of deep shock and they have informed the local police about the theft. The incident has been reported at Dwarka police station, New Delhi.

In case, you get to recognize the thief in the CCTV footage, please provide the information on given numbers in the video.

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