This UP School Kid’s Shocking Questions To PM Narendra Modi & Arvind Kejriwal On Demonetization Will Shock You

What all happened since November 8th is still a process of no result, as per now. It has been three months, people suffered to get their money from ATMs for the first two months, they’re now suffering from withdrawing the required amount of cash from ATMs due to the imposition of cash withdrawal limits.

How many politicians names were announced till date, for holding black money? How much amount of money is curbed out till now? What is the result and is there any progress due to demonetizing the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes?

Well! many of us have no answers because there is no considerable positive result observed yet. Many experts claimed that the idea of demonetization is quite good but the way it is implemented is quite lame. The current outcome of demonetization is nothing but the tough times faced by the poor and middle-class people.

We encountered many people making selfie videos on questioning the result of demonetization, but this is it is quite surprising because the person who questioned the demonetization is no one but a school kid from Uttar Pradesh.

This video is going viral on social media as the questions shot by this kid are quite accurate and straight, he demanded the Prime Minister to disclose the names of the politicians who were caught in this, he further asked Modi to show his degree if he really holds one. On the other hand, he praised Mayawati for her works in uplifting the Dalits.

Watch Video Here:


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