These Are The Different Types Of Uniforms In Indian Navy Which You Don’t Know

The uniform of the Indian Navy has by and large been inherited from the Royal Navy. Did you know there are Three different types of uniforms in Indan navy ?  Mainly, Indian Navy has three different colored uniforms i.e. White, Blue, Black.

Let’s know the difference between these 3 uniforms colors and their significance in Indian Navy. Normal Navy Uniform is White Shirt/Shorts in Summer and Navy Blue Double Breasted Suits in Winter. However – dark blue overalls or cotton shirt/trousers are used as rough working uniform while sailing.


Indian Navy has majorly 10 uniforms (with some uniform having sub codes also for eg. 6, 6A , 8, 8A) and each uniform is worn under specific conditions and/or depending upon occasions.

Dress No. 1 and 3 – Officers and Sailors:


Dress No. 2 and 4 – Officers and Sailors:


Dress No. 4A – Captains and Above:


Dress No. 5 – Officers and Sailors:


Dress No. 6 – Officers and Sailors:


Dress No. 6B:


Dress No. 8:


Dress No. 8A:


Dress No. 9 & 10:


Apart from this, they have winter uniforms and summer uniforms. Both winter uniforms and summer uniforms have subcategories such as working rigs, ceremonial rigs and mess rigs. When they are sitting in an office the white uniform is easy to maintain, but when they are on a ship the navy personnel prefer overalls or the navy blue. This is the reason for so many uniforms in the navy.

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