What’s Wrong With Fairness Creams Like Fair & Lovely? Know The Harmful Effects Here

Indian girls are still sticking with the fairness myth. Well, we can’t completely blame the people, these fairness cream ads show that only fair-skinned people are confident and clear the job interviews while dark-skinned people live in misery and are underconfident.

As long as people have the wish to become fair, these fairness brands will have their business. But is the true meaning of beauty is just having fair skin? I guess not. But there are people who still fall for those typical fairness creams ads on TV and buy them in order to obtain the white skin.

But do you know why some people have lighter skin tone than others? The reason is a pigment called Melanin, which is present in our skin. Melanin is a pigment which protects the skin from getting damaged due to the UV rays.

Melanin is the pigment which is the reason for the dark colour of the skin but before going into any conclusions studies prove that chances of skin cancer are very low in people who have high melanin pigment.

You can’t change your skin tone no matter what cream you apply and these chemical fairness creams do not do any good to your skin. Prolonged usage of such creams make you photosensitive and also acne prone. These creams after prolonged use give an effect of fresh skin and if you stop using them, the skin looks dull.

Most of these fairness creams have mercury and steroids which will harm your skin more than doing good. Maybe these creams might give a temporary glow to the skin but in the long run, these creams are proved fatal for the health of the skin. The youth of the country should bust the myths like only fair-skinned people succeed and eradicate this kind of thoughts from the society.

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