12-Year-Old Samosa Seller Boy Shocks IT Employee At The Railway Station

A lot of things happen in Indian trains. If the total number of people traveling in trains are put together, you can call it a moving country. Just as so many people travel together, most of the times, everybody is a stranger to everybody, and when a discussion begins, things happen. There are situations when people found their soulmates and there are moments when business deals are made.

indian train journey

The hustles and chants of the samosa, tea and dal vada sellers are something that echoes inside our heads when we sleep, there’s a unique vibe in Indian trains and we all love it, except that the toilets should be cleaner. We can witness tens of children who are aged even below 10 years, running after the passenger selling samosas and tea. Many of the travelers purchase them.

There are certain incidents when discussions erupt and gave some surprising details. Here’s one such conversation which is going massively viral on the Internet. It all started when a software employee who is heading towards his home from Bengaluru met the 12-Year-Old samosa seller boy. Looking at the tired young boy, he started the questions.

IT employee questions to samosa seller

Traveler: Hello! brother. Have you finished selling samosa’s

Boy: yes, sir.

Traveler: You are Looking so tired

Boy: Yeah sir, but I have to bare this for my survival.

Traveler: What is your profit per samosa?

Boy: 3/4rth penny

Traveler: How many do you sell per day?

samosa seller trolls it employee

Boy: Around 3000-3,500 on special days 2000.

Traveler: (calculated his income and it’s 45,000 per month, more than his salary), Where do you get these from??

Boy:  From my owner.

Traveler: Do you have any side business??

Boy: Yeah! I have some lands in my village. I own a cropland of 1 acre, I arranged money for my sister, she got married last year…

Traveler: Shockingly!!! What’s your qualification?? Are you not interested in studying and getting a job?

Boy: 3rd, My children can continue my business, but yours can’t continue your job…!! that’s my principle sir(said boy)

Well, isn’t this quite shocking? We see the samosa sellers everywhere, and with the demand and supply scale perimeters inside the trains, they definitely charge us more than the normal prices, and yes! these are the assumed profits.

After all, we don’t mean to demean the purpose of education, it is just a story and it doesn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Disclaimer: parts of this story are developed (in translation). Images used here are just for representative the purposes.

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