This Russian Tourist Is Begging At The Indian Temples Since An Year, And Is Refusing To Go To Russia For This Reason

Written By : Saicharan Palakurthi

Many people visit India to explore its diverse cultures, environment, and various other interesting aspects. However, spirituality remains as the top-most subject for any western citizens. We can recognize hundreds of tourists from various countries taking photographs, sharing their experiences in their blogs and what not? this is endless.

russian man begging in india

But, things are different with this Russian traveler, Evgenii Berdnikov, who was rescued by the cops and sent to Chennai after he sought alms at a Kancheepuram temple. When asked about this, he says he would continue begging and has no immediate plans to leave the country. Media houses caught him along with another tourist on South Boag road in T Nagar.

russian tourist begging in india

To assist the tourist, the Russian consulate in Chennai addressed the media that Evgenii has never contacted them and they will sort him out if he contacts them as soon as possible.To the never-ending questions from the authorities, Evgenii replied that he wants to travel, live in the city and keep begging as his Visa will expire on November 22.

Coming to the backend of Evgenii’s story, it is already known that the military tensions are prevailing between Russia and its neighboring country Ukraine, he befriended on reaching the city on Wednesday is a Ukranian, Andre, with whom he was loitering on the city streets. They were returning after visiting a temple in T Nagar.

russian tourist begging in india temples

Talking about his entry into India, he said, “I came with 8 USD and 50 Euros (approximately Rs 4,000),” it is also heard that he is charging Rs 100 from everyone who takes a selfie with him, added, “I will continue asking people for money.” Meanwhile, Bengaluru is his next destination.

When questioned about his purpose on doing this, he says, ” just want to travel,” flags of the various countries were inked on his body, that includes:  China, Thailand, Cambodia, and India, which was recently added.

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