Twitterati Goes Crazy After Rahul Gandhi Announced ‘Artificial Intelligence’ As His Topic Of Speech In US

Saicharan Palakurthi

Here came an another moment, when Congress’ supremo Rahul Gandhi is left embarrassed. This 46 Years Old Congress’ Vice President recently stated that he will be talking about the exemplary ‘Artificial Intelligence’ during his visit to the United States.

Well, for all good, let us hope that he will make some sense there, which he doesn’t in India, most of the times. Netizens feel that Rahul is already an embarrassment to the age-old Congress party and his speech might rope in full-time surety for the extinction of Congress.

Rahul Gandhi at a press conference

And, as soon as the news surfaced Internet, people went crazy over opining on the deed. Rahul Gandhi was earlier trolled brutally on so many grounded things, and this subject-Artificial Intelligence is definitely a complex one, which even scientists fail to take on.

Sources claim that Gandhi is hoping to “expand his thoughts about artificial intelligence.” He also hopes to bring back knowledge and implement it at the policy level in the Congress party’s vision documents.


Some went calling that this is the reason behind the 21st Century’s greatest entrepreneur words ‘Artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity’, while, other person said, “Rahul Gandhi Is Perfect Choice To Speak On Artificial Intelligence. His Mom Governed World’s Largest Democracy Through A Robot For 10 Years.”

Now, only God knows what Rahul is going to speak there for all that is happening on the Internet.

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